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Messages re-worked and new features

We have added new “referrer model feature”. Where you can refer your friends (performers) to join the site. You can use the following link:

Model Link Referral – https://www.justbbwcams.com/performers/performersignup.php?referral=2

where 2 in this case is your ID. You can find the link to your referral page when you log in and scroll down to the page.


The share is simple, when model whom you referred earn $500, you will get paid $100 one time fee. You can referrer as many models as you wish.  Statistics for referred models can be visible at : Stats  >  Referrals.

Messages systems are re-worked, also now you can send messages to any of your followers.


Click to see all your followers, and than you can search for them if you have a lot of them or just click on the name of the user.


Message will open, there you can add subject line and type your message and send it.


If you notice some bug, or would like to see any new feature on the site, feel free to mail at ivan@justbbwcams.com