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New Software – New Info and Going on line

October 1st was very important day for us at justbbwcams, we made a leap from old over-grown software to new and more stable. This was very complex and long “operation” to prepare to transfer anything and not lose any data. There still might be some smaller bugs that needs to be fixed, and we are working on them as soon as they get reported so please open your eyes and let us know if you came across anything.



You can log in top right corner, or at the bottom where it’s stated: Performer Area

All statistics has been transferred and and available in the top left corner, where you log in.



(click on image for bigger picture – disclosure account being used is, for testing purposes).


Going on line is pretty similar as it was before, just now we have two options the regular go online and the USING FMLE / WIRECAST (there will be separate tutorial on how to use this advance settings)

There is still email followers option which will allow you to email all your followers that you will be on line right now, or in 5,10,15 etc minutes. The email followers option can only be used once in 24h.


Go on-line button will pop-up screen with all the settings:



There are multiple settings that you can adjust for better performance:
1. Microphone – you can set up your mice and test it

2. There are 3 pre-defined schemes that doesn’t mean that they will be the best for you.

3. There are 4 settings that you can adjust:

1)resolution – Resolution is basically quality of your video, bigger resolution better picture

2) framerate (how many pictures are shown per second in your video)

3) Video Quality – 100% best video quality, 0% lowest video quality

4) Bandwidth unlimited is suggested

These settings depend of your equipment and from your internet connection.


The chat now will allow you to stream up to 3 cameras at the same time, you can chose your microphone, and chose your quality scheme based on your equipment and upload speed internet connections.

The most interesting part is now we have 3 chat types:

1. Free Chat – the same as it was, only registered users can get into the chat.

2. Private chat : has 2 options now – True Private Chat (one on one with costumer, no peeking allowed) and the other is Peek Private Chat – Costumers can peak into your session while you are in private chat with some other costumer, they can’t type or interact with you they can just watch your session. Peek private chat should be setup at smaller price point.

3.  Nude Chat – Performer needs to be nude if in this mode of chat

Nude Chat will allow you to have as much users in the chat as you set in your profile settings(default value is 5). All of the users are paying users and are paying chips/minute. Meaning if you have 4 users in nude chat they will all be paying 8chips/minute(default value) so 4×8 = 32 chips/minute (this can be used to combine some features, prepare show. Nude show is great option as it allows you to have as much people as you setup in your profile, all costumers will be paid and there is no confirmation needed on your side, on the other hand performer needs to be nude in the nude show.

After you set everything you want than you can Go Online



There is take a break button in top right corner, you can now set up topic, or clear it.

In the left side you will be able to see user list, where are they from, how many chips, and you can kick or ban them(ban is valid for 24h)

There is also option to set goals. For example: I am willing to do that and that for 2 mintues if a goal of 10 chips is reached within 20 minutes. This can be fun for have it in free chat or use it as gaming mechanism to enjoy with your costumers.

There are some words that are censored in the chat so if you see ###k## or something along those lines be sure that you know that there is forbidden word in it.

When you Take a break you can change the type of the chat (free,private,nude)