New Feature: Paid Galleries

New feature called Paid Galleries is available. If you want to upload your Paid Galleries, please follow the steps from the images bellow.



1. Please add the name of the gallery

2. Then choose paid Gallery (see image bellow please)



1. Click on the “Upload a file” button

2. Choose your photos from your computer (note: maximum pictures per one upload is 10)

3. Click “Open” button, and uploading will start



1. Please wait a few moments for the green bar to reach 100% and then click “Submit” button below


Note:  There is only one gallery. When you add images later, these images will be in the same gallery as the previous images that have been added. Images that have already been added to the gallery can not be deleted. The customer pays for all of the images in that gallery, and you can change the price as shown in the picture below.


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