New Chat System

Once logged within your performer account please click to “Go Online” tab, marked with number “1”. Then you will see “Go Online” and you need to click on the “Go Online” (see image bellow).

When clicked on the button you will start the new chat system.2

Within the new chat system you will have to select the camera that you will be using within the adobe flash settings, click on the camera icon marked as 1) on the image select your camera and select remember.

Then you need to click on the “Privacy” and you need to check “Allow” button to allow to access your camera and microphone (marked with numbers “1” and “2” in the image bellow). After you finish it please click “Close” to close Adobe Flash Player Settings (please see number “3” in the image bellow).3

Make sure that your camera is selected from the drop down (marked with number 2), select your stream quality from drop down menu (marked with number 1) and click on the “GO ONLINE” button (please see image bellow).


From the drop down menu choose a chat type you wish and click the “Go Online” button (see image bellow).5

1. Free Chat – only registered users can get into the chat.

2. Private chat : has 2 options now

– True Private Chat (one on one with costumer, no peeking allowed)

– Peek Private Chat ( Customers can peak into your session while you are in private chat with some other costumer, they can’t type or interact with you they can just watch your session. Peek private chat should be setup at smaller price point.)

3.  Nude Chat – Performer needs to be nude if in this mode of chat

Nude Chat will allow you to have as much users in the chat as you set in your profile settings(default value is 5). All of the users are paying users and are paying chips/minute. Meaning if you have 4 users in nude chat they will all be paying 8chips/minute(default value) so 4×8 = 32 chips/minute (this can be used to combine some features, prepare show. Nude show is great option as it allows you to have as much people as you setup in your profile, all costumers will be paid and there is no confirmation needed on your side, on the other hand performer needs to be nude in the nude show.

There is take a break button, you can set up new topic, or clear it.

In the left side you will be able to see user list, how many chips does user have, and you can kick, ban, and private message them. There are some words that are censored in the chat so if you see ###k## or something along those lines be sure that you know that there is forbidden word in it.

When you Take a break you can change the type of the chat (free, private, nude).

Please see images bellow.6 7 8 9

Also there is “EXIT” button to close your chat, mute/unmute button to turn off your microphone sound, also you can turn off new message notification, and when new user enter in your chatroom. (see images bellow).11 12

You will get text and sound notification (different than new message notification) when user sent you a tip during the show, also there is notification icon (please see image bellow).14

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