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Add Customers to Black List (Block from Messenger)

Once logged within your performer account please click to “My Customers” tab, marked with number “1″. Then you need to type username of user which you want to be blocked from your messages, marked with number “2”, and after that click on “Block” button, marked with number “3” (please see image bellow). To unlock someone just click on username which you want to be unblocked from your messages, marked with number “4” in image bellow.


New Chat System

Once logged within your performer account please click to “Go Online” tab, marked with number “1”. Then you will see “Go Online” and you need to click on the “Go Online” (see image bellow).

When clicked on the button you will start the new chat system.2

Within the new chat system you will have to select the camera that you will be using within the adobe flash settings, click on the camera icon marked as 1) on the image select your camera and select remember.

Then you need to click on the “Privacy” and you need to check “Allow” button to allow to access your camera and microphone (marked with numbers “1” and “2” in the image bellow). After you finish it please click “Close” to close Adobe Flash Player Settings (please see number “3” in the image bellow).3

Make sure that your camera is selected from the drop down (marked with number 2), select your stream quality from drop down menu (marked with number 1) and click on the “GO ONLINE” button (please see image bellow).


From the drop down menu choose a chat type you wish and click the “Go Online” button (see image bellow).5

1. Free Chat – only registered users can get into the chat.

2. Private chat : has 2 options now

– True Private Chat (one on one with costumer, no peeking allowed)

– Peek Private Chat ( Customers can peak into your session while you are in private chat with some other costumer, they can’t type or interact with you they can just watch your session. Peek private chat should be setup at smaller price point.)

3.  Nude Chat – Performer needs to be nude if in this mode of chat

Nude Chat will allow you to have as much users in the chat as you set in your profile settings(default value is 5). All of the users are paying users and are paying chips/minute. Meaning if you have 4 users in nude chat they will all be paying 8chips/minute(default value) so 4×8 = 32 chips/minute (this can be used to combine some features, prepare show. Nude show is great option as it allows you to have as much people as you setup in your profile, all costumers will be paid and there is no confirmation needed on your side, on the other hand performer needs to be nude in the nude show.

There is take a break button, you can set up new topic, or clear it.

In the left side you will be able to see user list, how many chips does user have, and you can kick, ban, and private message them. There are some words that are censored in the chat so if you see ###k## or something along those lines be sure that you know that there is forbidden word in it.

When you Take a break you can change the type of the chat (free, private, nude).

Please see images bellow.6 7 8 9

Also there is “EXIT” button to close your chat, mute/unmute button to turn off your microphone sound, also you can turn off new message notification, and when new user enter in your chatroom. (see images bellow).11 12

You will get text and sound notification (different than new message notification) when user sent you a tip during the show, also there is notification icon (please see image bellow).14

New Feature: Paid Galleries

New feature called Paid Galleries is available. If you want to upload your Paid Galleries, please follow the steps from the images bellow.



1. Please add the name of the gallery

2. Then choose paid Gallery (see image bellow please)



1. Click on the “Upload a file” button

2. Choose your photos from your computer (note: maximum pictures per one upload is 10)

3. Click “Open” button, and uploading will start



1. Please wait a few moments for the green bar to reach 100% and then click “Submit” button below


Note:  There is only one gallery. When you add images later, these images will be in the same gallery as the previous images that have been added. Images that have already been added to the gallery can not be deleted. The customer pays for all of the images in that gallery, and you can change the price as shown in the picture below.


GOING ON LINE WITH Adobe Flash Media Encoder – New Software

Noticed that, quite few performers have tried the new AFME streaming, as it’s suggested to use that instead the regular web streaming, in order to have better performance.
First you will need to have the Adobe Flash Media Encoder installed, that’s 3rd party software made by Adobe, it’s freeware and it’s being used by professionals in the industry.installation of flash media encoder




After you follow simple installation you are ready to start using it.

These are the steps you need to do:
Log in into your performer account, and on Go Online tab, in the right column at the bottom, there is configuration file, you need to download it and settings.xml



After that you turn on your Adobe Flash media Encoder. And open the profile you have saved, settings.xml, you might get notice for profile validation.

open-profile profile-validation settings start-streaming

You will need to check your settings for streaming, and after that press “start”, after you press start you will be streaming your camera, than you will need to go online form the site like this:



Select your chat type and go online.


The regular window will show up


After you are done with streaming just close down the browser, and than you can STOP in the Adobe Flash Media Encoder, after which you can close that program as well. This procedure needs to be repeated if you are using FMLE streaming.

Messages, Followers and Support – New Software


Here you can check your inbox messages, sent messages and trash messages. By clicking on message you can automatically reply to user.




You can message your followers when you click on follower username (see images bellow).





If you have any problem you can submit us ticket (see image bellow).


New Software – Your Profile Settings

1. How to change your password:

Click on My Setting button, than Password, type your old password, than your new password and confirm your new password. (See image bellow)




Setup your Performer’s Profile Page




Setup Your Personal Details

Personal details



Setup Your Payment Details





Setup Performer’s Pricing Page




Setup Banned Locations (Choose which Country and State want to ban and mark them than click on “Save” button)

Banned zones



Performer’s Categories Page (mark your category and save it)




Schedule Show




Upload your profile photos, free galleries and paid galleries (see images bellow and follow steps)


Note: When you are uploading pictures be sure to select the appropriate option from the drop down menu (see image below and mark with number 3).


If you want to upload your Profile photo make sure that you have marked the “Profile Images”. Profile images are used to show your online status. Topless allowed. Bottom half of body must be covered. G string, thong etc. No text allowed on images. You are required to upload exactly 3 profile images in order to get your account approved!

If you want to upload the free galleries, which will be available for all members on the site, select “Free Gallery”,

and if you want to upload a paid gallery select “Paid gallery”,  that gallery will be available only to the members who pay to see these images in that gallery.



Upload your free or premium videos



Free videos:

Free videos are posted inside the JBC members area where members who have bought chips can watch them free of charge. The video will also be posted to along with a banner promoting your profile on JBC. The banner will be linked to your profile page using your affiliate ID. If any surfers signup to you will be credited with 20% of any chip purchase they make in the future on JBC no matter what model they spend their chips on.

Premium Videos:

You can upload videos to sell directly through JBC. There are 16 price points to choose from. 5 chips per video , 10 chips per video, 15 chips per video, 20 chips per video, 25 chips per video, 30 chips per video, 35 chips per video, 40 chips per video, 45 chips per video, 50 chips per video, 55 chips per video, 60 chips per video, 65 chips per video, 70 chips per video, 75 chips per video, 80 chips per video. The payout rate for videos is 40%.


  • No watermarks on videos allowed.
  • Free videos must be 30 seconds or longer.
  • Paid videos must be at least 1 minute long.
  • No advertisements allowed on the video.
  • You must be the copyright holder.
  • No partners allowed in videos unless they are another performer on JBC.


– Premium videos can not be deleted once approved if a member has purchased that video.

– We reserve the right to reject any video uploaded if we think the quality of the video is not good enough.

– Please upload videos in high resolutions. At least 1280 x 720.


11. CONTRACTS (2257) TAB:

Upload your contract (2257) form, which you can download here.

Contracts (2257)

Contracts (2257)1



Upload your ID card, driver license or passport (file must be in .jpg .jpeg or .png format)

Photo ID

Photo ID(1)



Upload your W9 tax form which you can download here.

W9 Upload



Greeting message will be sent to users who register, like welcome text.

Review message will be sent to users who review your performance.


Messages re-worked and new features

We have added new “referrer model feature”. Where you can refer your friends (performers) to join the site. You can use the following link:

Model Link Referral –

where 2 in this case is your ID. You can find the link to your referral page when you log in and scroll down to the page.


The share is simple, when model whom you referred earn $500, you will get paid $100 one time fee. You can referrer as many models as you wish.  Statistics for referred models can be visible at : Stats  >  Referrals.

Messages systems are re-worked, also now you can send messages to any of your followers.


Click to see all your followers, and than you can search for them if you have a lot of them or just click on the name of the user.


Message will open, there you can add subject line and type your message and send it.


If you notice some bug, or would like to see any new feature on the site, feel free to mail at


Two New features on the site

From today, you will have two new features on the site.

1st Feature:

Schedule Performance, you can find that option under the Settings at main menu and Schedule Performance.
This options allows you to send mails about your schedule performance to all users that were active in last 90 day! This will give you some extra boost with followers and attract a bit more crowd to your performance.

Chose your timezone accordingly and setup date and time based on your local time, add the description for the show and click Schedule. You can schedule up to 7 days in advance one show per day!


After you see the green button in the table click send mail! On every show you need to click send mail and it will send mail to active users just before you start your show. Users will be able to see your schedule on your profile page once you have it setup.  This is the perfect way to get more users to your room. Don’t abuse this feature and miss more than 3 shows in total or you will lose the privilege of having this feature.

2nd Feature is Gallery

This is something that some of you have been asking for on the site, the ability to add the pictures to your profile and share them with your followers.

To setup gallery on your profile you will have to go over Galleries>Upload New Gallery add the name of the gallery and select files, you can chose as many files as you wish at the same time!


All galleries needs to be approved before they are displayed on your profile! After you get your gallery approved you will be able to see it on your profile! You can upload as many galleries and as many pictures you wish on the site.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, or if you wish any new features on the site, also feel free to suggest at:






How to make justbbwcams work

Find the right bottom corner of your screen your network connection. Click the right mouse click on it and click “Open Network and Sharing Center.” See the image below”.


Click on “Change adapter settings” (see image bellow).


Then click on your active internet connection right click, and click “Properties”. (Image bellow)


Then choose 1 (see image bellow), and 2.


Choose “Use the following DNS server addressees”, and type numbers (see picture bellow). Then click on “OK” button.


And when you finish it restart your internet connection.