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How to make justbbwcams work

Find the right bottom corner of your screen your network connection. Click the right mouse click on it and click “Open Network and Sharing Center.” See the image below”.


Click on “Change adapter settings” (see image bellow).


Then click on your active internet connection right click, and click “Properties”. (Image bellow)


Then choose 1 (see image bellow), and 2.


Choose “Use the following DNS server addressees”, and type numbers (see picture bellow). Then click on “OK” button.


And when you finish it restart your internet connection.

Tipping Feature + More News

We’ve got great news! You have asked for it and we have been listening to your requests. We have invested a lot of time and effort to make this happen for you.

Our First Major Announcement is:

**** Tipping Feature ****

We have got a lot of requests regarding this feature and we have made it happen for you. Now when there is a user in your chat he will be seeing a tip button on the right where he can enter the amount he wishes to tip the performer. Minimal amount for tipping is 2chips = 1$. The split on the tipping feature is the same as on the site, 65% for models in the month of September.

**** Bonus ****

Lot of performers have had questions about a bonus. Will there be a bonus on September with the promo of 65% going strong? The answer to that question is YES, there will be a bonus, only the rules for getting that bonus are a bit different.

1st place – $300

2nd place – $175

3rd place – $100

These will be the bonuses you can compete for in September.

**** Blog ****

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have a new blog going on which can be found at:, where you can find a lot of tutorials, on topics like how to start modeling and how to setup your user interface system.

**** We Want Your Feedback ****

As we said the last time, we would generally like more feedback from you, the performers, as we are here to help you make more money. The new features are implemented on a daily basis, we just need to hear more from you. What you would like, etc.

If you would be kind as to please fill in this survey:

**** Increasing Traffic ****

We have started buying traffic for this site, so that we would attract more users, meaning the more you are online the more visitors you will get and the more money you will make.

Best Regards,


65% Payout for All of September + More News

            We’ve got great news! There is new owners here at JustBBWCams and we are dedicated to growing it and making you a whole lot more money. We are experienced in the BBW market and operate quite a few BBW dating sites.
We have invested a lot into traffic and we believe we can take JustBBWCams to the next level with more traffic which means more money for YOU.
With that said, Our First Major Announcement is:
 **** 65% payouts for all of September ****
Our first big promo is for the month of September. You will receive 65% of revenue on all Live Shows.  After the promotion is over it will go back to the standard rate.  We want to show you we mean business and what better way to do that, than give you a nice increase in pay for the month of September.
 **** Payouts Coming From New Company ****
We will now be handling all payments internally. The previous owner used a third party to handle payments to Models, but we have the infrastructure in place to handle all payments. They will be made on the same days as you are normally accustomed to receiving them, they will just come from a different company. They will be coming from Hundies, Inc.
 **** We Want Your Feedback ****
We would love to hear from you on what we can do to make YOUR life easier or what we can do to improve the site. We are looking for any and all feedback to make JustBBWCams a better site. So don’t be shy, send us over any thoughts or feelings or just if you have any questions regarding ownership change or anything. We are available and want to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Be on the lookout for more news/promos in the coming weeks as we want to buy as much traffic as possible to make all of you more money by having more customers.
 Look forward to working with you and thanks for being a part of the JustBBWCams Model community.
Ivan – JustBBWCams