65% Payout for All of September + More News

            We’ve got great news! There is new owners here at JustBBWCams and we are dedicated to growing it and making you a whole lot more money. We are experienced in the BBW market and operate quite a few BBW dating sites.
We have invested a lot into traffic and we believe we can take JustBBWCams to the next level with more traffic which means more money for YOU.
With that said, Our First Major Announcement is:
 **** 65% payouts for all of September ****
Our first big promo is for the month of September. You will receive 65% of revenue on all Live Shows.  After the promotion is over it will go back to the standard rate.  We want to show you we mean business and what better way to do that, than give you a nice increase in pay for the month of September.
 **** Payouts Coming From New Company ****
We will now be handling all payments internally. The previous owner used a third party to handle payments to Models, but we have the infrastructure in place to handle all payments. They will be made on the same days as you are normally accustomed to receiving them, they will just come from a different company. They will be coming from Hundies, Inc.
 **** We Want Your Feedback ****
We would love to hear from you on what we can do to make YOUR life easier or what we can do to improve the site. We are looking for any and all feedback to make JustBBWCams a better site. So don’t be shy, send us over any thoughts or feelings or just if you have any questions regarding ownership change or anything. We are available and want to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Be on the lookout for more news/promos in the coming weeks as we want to buy as much traffic as possible to make all of you more money by having more customers.
 Look forward to working with you and thanks for being a part of the JustBBWCams Model community.
Ivan – JustBBWCams

4 thoughts on “65% Payout for All of September + More News

  1. xoxotiffi

    VERY happy to see the blog here! This should definitely help with traffic and I’m very excited to see where the site goes now. I will definitely be online more now!

  2. anon

    I hope the new ideas will bring in more traffic for what is a quality site with some truly great performers, but I must express some dismay regarding customer service lately. On two occasions recently, I found an error on the site and emailed for help – I never received a reply at either time. Also I believe some reviews are being written by performers/site team themselves.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Anon, can you please provide us with your account and email you have mailed support, usually we reply in short timely manner. If you need any help just mail support@justbbwcams.com and we will be more than happy to help. Also reviews that has been submitted by users hasn’t been changed, they are approved as they are, if review is blank those ones are deleted.


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